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Josie invites you to a range of workshops and retreats. Everyone is welcome. 

"My daughter and I loved Josie’s family yoga workshop. It was such a special time for us together as well as being fun and relaxing. Josie made everyone feel so comfortable and it felt like a really lovely thing to be part of. Josie led us through balancing moves together, laughter therapy, breathing, stretching and I especially loved the final relaxation when my daughter tucked me up in a blanket and kissed my forehead. A wonderful start to a Sunday morning, we loved it – thank you Josie x" 


"My five year old son and I loved the workshop. When children start school, it feels like there are far fewer chances to do activities together - us grown-ups are often left sitting on the side-lines as spectators. This gave us a great opportunity to connect and share something fun together. I particularly enjoyed him tucking me in under my blanket. Lots of giggles!"



Sunday 6th October 2024


69 The Ryde, Old Hatfield, AL9 5DN

£20 for 1 adult & 1 or 2 children


If you are interested in introducing your child to yoga, or want to learn to practice yoga with your family, then this is the workshop for you! 

During the workshop Josie, and her 13 year old daughter Isabelle, will teach you a range of yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques which will strengthen and stretch the body. We will have fun, learn how to move our bodies and breathe properly, and at the end share a lovely relaxation, followed by home made flap-jacks!

Yoga works on many levels, helping with overall strength and flexibility, as well as helping with issues such as anxiety, insomnia and lack of self esteem.

Children from the age of 3  y/o to 16 y/o are all welcome to the class. If you have any questions please let me know or click below to book. 

If you would like to come but money is an obstacle please get in touch so we can arrange a reduced rate. 

Free parking is available outside the hall. 

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