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If you miss a class, have a break over the holiday season, or feel the need to top up your yoga practice, Josie offers a range of Yoga Videos that you can enjoy at home, on holiday, wherever and whenever you choose. New videos will continued to be added so you can be inspired to practice yoga in your own time!

yoga video 3.jpg

What Kind of Videos?

Every month I will introduce a new 45 minute yoga video to the video library. Every video is suitable for all levels of yoga, including beginners and more experienced yogi's. It's useful to have a yoga mat, blanket, yoga block and belt (or thick books and scarves/ties also work very well!). In the future my aim will be to add shorter videos and guided meditations. 

Each video can be purchased using your class pass or using a bank card and will be available to watch as many times for two months. 

Easy to Watch?

Yes, watching a Yoga Video is super easy! You can watch from any device via this website. You don't need to download the video, it won't take up any of your storage, you simply use a class pass or buy using a card via the 'video' link on the Bookings Page.  You can watch the video as many times as you want whilst is stays available. 

Click here to find out what Yoga Videos Josie has on offer this term.

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